The Curse of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (otherwise known as SEO), isn’t something mothers want their kids to grow up and bo!

Over the past years, many companies have wanted to hire someone or some company “to do SEO” for them.

You need a license to own a dog, but you don’t need any requirements to say you are an “SEO”. Most search engine optimizers and agencies have started with a little training and a lot of marketing.

Over the years many websites have been hurt by actions that many of these companies didn’t know could be harmful. The internet changes at a rapid pace. Tactics, tricks, and loopholes that might have “gamed” the search engines just 5 years ago can get your website de-listed from the index today. We constantly receive requests from people who’ve seen their rankings go from page one to oblivion overnight. Most of these problems came from hiring someone to “help them rank” and had mass spam penalties or 1 million Russian blog comments pointed at them.

Those tactics don’t work anymore, search has changed.

As we’ve built our agency company and spoken to many potential clients it’s obvious that the three letters, “SEO” are not seen as a very noble pursuit. Any industry that can create wealth is generally swimming with sharks and bloodsuckers. Unfortunately, search engine optimization has a bad reputation.

SEO Has A Bad Reputation

And with constant changes to search engine algorithms, it is taking longer and longer for “good” SEO to pay off. Leaving more businesses wary of paying for SEO.

So How Are We Different?

We no longer focus on tricks or loopholes, that doesn’t work. To be totally transparent, we did use blackhat tactics back in the day to rank websites globally. We also saw what happened when Google’s Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird algo updates wiped thousands of ranking sites of the search engines.

We’ve been there, done that, and have a t-shirt to prove it.

Reality Check: It takes a little longer for us to get the results we want, but we are able to sustain those results without resorting to dangerous practices.

We stay up to date. That’s what WE focus on and stay abreast of all changes, so the results are steady, sustainable and we don’t get shocked by the inevitable closing of loopholes and penalty updates.

From a 10,000 foot view the internet marketing space keeps evolving. By focusing on the entirety of the picture, and not just a few channels, we get longer lasting results, more leverage, a better understanding of who the best potential customer is, and where they are hanging out.


We’ve got your back!

We know that our client’s websites are their bread and butter.

And we like to sleep at night.

We simply won’t use unproven or dangerous outdated practices to game the search engines, social or video channels.

SEO is not the fastest way to drive traffic, but it has the best outcome over time.

We probably can’t fix the reputation SEO freelancers have gotten. And most of it is deserved!

You do you, we’ll do us.

We’ve got your back!