Been Doing This A While!

I am Rob Farnham from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Finetuned Productions Inc. has been on the leading edge of digital marketing since 1999. We have driven traffic and customers to our own products and those of our clients. From search engine results in Google, Bing and Yahoo to Amazon and eBay success, we have utilized them all. Leveraging Youtube, FaceBook, Twitter, and the other major social sites are just some of the newer channels we have been able to drive traffic from.

As serial entrepreneurs, my wife and I sold our bricks and mortar businesses in 1999 and started learning how to make a living online.  We started learning all we could, and we are made it our primary business. That’s a long time ago now! Especially in internet years.

Our First Customer Service Department

barney and sam

We started marketing ebooks that we personally created from our experiences. These efforts were (and are) successful. Although these products were, (and still are), great, they focused on a small niche customer base. We were too close to these products to water them down for mass appeal. We learned TONS from trial and error. We made a lot of mistakes while marketing these products. We tried EVERYTHING! We learned what works, what doesn’t and what most people learning about internet marketing waste their money on.

Through luck and good fortune, we stumbled across some great people who had an AMAZING story to tell. The light bulb went off over our head. After some negotiations and arm-twisting, we contributed our editing, compiling and marketing skills to their knowledge and produced our first joint venture.

We’ve been lucky. We keep finding extraordinary people with very marketable products or knowledge.

Then we scaled. Made for Adsense sites (a lot of them). An SEO company with offices overseas. Native ad arbitrage. Viral publishing. Facebook fan pages. Pinterest. Youtube.  FB ads, Google Adwords and a digital marketing agency.

We continue to evolve and work with an experienced team of online professionals that are specialists in the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

Our latest offering is extremely exciting. (But it’s still a secret)

Thanks for dropping by…..

FineTuned Productions Inc.